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Which one is best between USPS tracking & FedEx Courier services
When we hear name courier, it makes an image of the person who always tries to satisfy us by delivering our parcels, packages, letters and envelopes to our homes. But if we see the frequency of meeting with this courier guy is now increased because of many causes like an increase in the many online shopping portals, e-commerce portals, etc. We all are running out of time so we love to book products online and get them delivered at our homes. Our major concern while choosing a courier company is the cheapest price, faster delivery with the safety of products.
After seeing this huge market it is always good to choose one of the best courier service providing companies to get our products in a safe manner. So friends, in this article we are going to know about the united states top 2 courier companies. How they are good and what type of services are offered by them. 
FedEx Courier company

United States Postal Service is abbreviated as USPS in the United States. It is the only independent agency which cares about all postal & courier services working under Federal Government of United States. It was founded in 1971 since there has been seen a lot of changes in the working style from companies working area to a number of employees with following proper safety majors. At present, USPS is providing its services in more than 190 countries with over 600000 employees, 150000 vehicles which include vans, cars, containers, tractors, aircraft etc.
USPS tracking system also makes it big at certain levels because it is very rich in technology like almost in all countries you can track your order online. Every time you book a shipment with USPS. You are given a reference number which varies from 16 digits to 34 digits. 
You can track order by visiting online website…… 
Only you need to put the shipment number in the search bar provided on the website and hit Track/search/ Submit button. 

FedEx, this organization is gaining people’s attention all across the world due to its quality services with maximum flexibility in terms of the service area. FedEx is an US based courier service company which is dealing in more than 220 countries. Now we can imagine it has made it possible to ship parcels, packages etc to every doorstep. It is always my second option when it comes to choosing courier service company.
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